Skylight provides maritime intelligence software and service solutions for identifying suspicious vessel behaviors and “dark vessel” activity. We bring together best-in-class vessel metadata, satellite-based analytics, and machine learning to enable efficient and intelligence-driven resource allocation and enforcement operations through two solutions:

Alerting Platform

Global Direct User Access – in Real-Time

Direct Access

Skylight is available through a simple and secure web login. No specialized software updates or hardware installation required.

Quality Alerts

We leverage advanced machine learning to recognize patterns, detect anomalies, and classify events – giving decision-makers what they need, when they need it.

Vessel Database

Interoperability: Our system is fully unclassified, allowing end users to push insights directly to operators and coordinate with partner nations.

Global Coverage

Every day, track hundreds of thousands of vessels and sift through oceans of data to detect suspect activity.

Real-time Insights

Skylight alerts are available immediately - enabling seamless tipping and queueing of aerial, surface, and surveillance assets.

In 2019, Skylight will incorporate streamlined, automated access to custom imagery and analytics. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about our risk-free early adopter offering.

Watchfloor Services

Tailored Solutions for the Toughest Problems

Customized Reporting:

Skylight’s Watchfloor maritime monitoring solution provides clients with custom-built, right-sized reports detailing vessel activity in a defined area.

  • Suspect Loitering
    Identifies activity within 50NM of a specified area of interest

  • Rendezvous Detection
    Additional analysis to rank the likelihood of transshipment activity

  • Global Alerts
    Available notices for when known bad actors enter a customized area of interest

  • Situational Awareness Reporting
    Comprehensive overview of vessels entering, leaving, or remaining in a custom-defined area of interest

Specialized Projects

Looking to try something new? Our scientists, researchers, and developers love to push the envelope in the realm of maritime intelligence. Reach out to discuss your unique needs - past projects have included:

  • Radio frequency sensing for dark vessel detection
  • Vessel ownership network analysis
  • VIIRS activity detection and analysis
  • Ad-hoc support for enforcement patrols
  • And many others…

Satellite Monitoring

Skylight leverages industry partnerships and proprietary expertise to take detection via SAR and EO imagery to the next level.

  • SAR: Wide-area monitoring for detection of non-transmitting “dark” vessels
  • EO: Detailed identification and context for discrete area monitoring

Our Watchfloor team is built to push boundaries. Give us a chance to partner with you to solve today’s impossible.

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